John Macneill


John Macneill

John Macneill



Height: 5ft 11

Hair: Greying

Eyes: Hazel

Native: Scottish Standard*


Name: Amy Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2020, Stage, Peter, THE COASTGUARD, Mundic Nation, Marie Macneill

2018, Stage, Donald, A PASSIONATE WOMAN, Sheringham Little Theatre, Nick Earnshaw

2018, Stage, Duncan, DOUBLE DOUBLE, Sheringham Little Theatre, Simon Thompson

2018, Stage, Osborne, JOURNEY'S END, Cube Essential Theatre, Ben Symes

2018, Stage, Ron Toms, BEFORE I WAKE, Scary Little Girls, Sharon Andrew

2014, Stage, Johnny "Rooster" Byron, JERUSALEM, Common Players/Exeter Northcott Theatre, Anthony Richards

2008, Stage, Pilia-Borza, BARABAS (THE JEW OF MALTA), Hall for Cornwall, Anna Coombs

2004, Stage, Jack Trebilcock, HELL FIRE CORNER, Mundic Nation/Hall for Cornwall, Marie Macneill

1988, Stage, Captain Zero, SAFETY IN NUMBERS, Molecule Theatre of Science, Karen Rabinowitz

1986, Stage, Salvatore Colasberna, THE DAY THE OWL APPEARS, Omerta Theatre, Vanessa Fielding

2019, Television, Security Guard, HIS DARK MATERIALS, Bad Wolf, Dawn Shadforth

2019, Television, Jacka Hoblyn, POLDARK V, Mammoth Screen, Eps 1, 3 & 7, Sallie Aprahamian.

2019, Television, Jacka Hoblyn, POLDARK V, Mammoth Screen, Eps 5 & 6, Justin Molotnikov

2018, Television, Jacka Hoblyn, POLDARK IV, Mammoth Screen, Eps 5 & 6, Brian Kelly

2017, Television, Mr Cleveland, DOC MARTIN 7, EPISODE 7, Buffalo Pictures, Nigel Cole

2015, Television, Jacka Hoblyn, POLDARK II, EPS 5, 6 & 7, Mammoth Screen, Charles Palmer

2009, Television, Pub landlord, DOC MARTIN SERIES 4, EPISODES 2, 3 & 7, Buffalo Pictures, Ben Bolt

2001, Television, Denny Browne, THE BILL (MEXICAN STANDOFF), Pearson TV, Baz Taylor

2000, Television, Policeman, BLACK BOOKS, SERIES 1 EPISODE 1, "COOKING THE BOOKS", Assembly Film & TV, Nick Wood

2019, Feature Film, Gawker 2, REBECCA, Magnificent Productions, Ben Wheatley

2019, Feature Film, Taxi Driver, MAKE UP, Quiddity Films, Claire Oakley

2017, Feature Film, Farmer, WILDERNESS, Baracoa Pictures, Justin Doherty

2014, Film, Doctor Young, TIN, Miracle Theatre, Bill Scott