SHETLAND S6 with Helene Maksoud

SHETLAND S6 with Helene Maksoud

SHETLAND S6 with Helene Maksoud

Scottish crime drama, SHETLAND, based on novels by Ann Cleeves returns to BBC One for a 6th season with Helene Maksoud. The show is well received by critics and has bagged numerous awards including a BAFTA.

The show revolves around a detective inspector, Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) who works for the Shetland police.

The 5th season saw Perez investigate the murder of a young Nigerian man Daniel. And also investigate the disappearance of Daniel’s sister Zezi after a severed hand washed up on Shetland beach.

Perez began to suspect that a human trafficking gang on the island was responsible for killing Daniel and kidnapping his sister Zezi.

The upcoming season will show more interesting cases and how detective Perez solves them. Helene will play Rasha Nassan.

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