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Luke Morris - The Pitman Painters

Wed, 3 Feb 2016

LUKE MORRIS opens this week in Oldham Coliseum’s production of THE PITMEN PAINTERS. He is playing ‘Ben Nicholson’ & ‘Young Lad’. Kevin Shaw is directing Lee Hall’s funny, feel good & moving tale of a group of men who achieved extraordinary things.

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Based on a true story, The Pitmen Painters is a funny, feelgood, moving tale of a group of ordinary men who achieved extraordinary things.

The Ashington Group were Northumberland miners who, in 1934 employed Robert Lyon, Master of Painting at Kings College Newcastle, to teach an evening class in Art Appreciation.  Lectures on the Old Masters from a posh academic were lost on the pitmen and so instead Lyon taught them to paint, with amazing results.

The Pitmen Painters is a story of the hopes, dreams, determination and the camaraderie of these miners who continued to work down the pit, day in and day out until they retired.  Celebrated throughout the art world, this is a tale about friends, who accidentally became a working class phenomenon, having the time of their lives.