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Crystal Yu - Casualty

Fri, 23 Jun 2017

CRYSTAL YU contines to appear as series regular Doctor Lily Chao in BBC’s CASUALTY.

A&E is a pre-requisite for a junior doctor, but it is not part of Lily Chao’s long-term plan. She has her sights set on dermatology, a good match in marriage and a financially rewarding private-practice. An intelligent, logical, high-achiever, Lily finds the theory easy, but she continues to struggle with her bedside manner. Perhaps her short stint in the ED will teach her a few lessons.

Lily comes from a hard-working family who like to boast about their doctor daughter, but have never really told her they are proud of her. As such Lily is confident, accomplished and focussed, but really all she wants is for someone to say ‘well done’.

Lily’s world is a meritocracy where you can have whatever you want if you work hard enough for it. She doesn’t care that she’s not well-liked as she’s ticking-off competencies and learning new medical skills. She’s technically brilliant and is definitely someone you’d want as your doctor – as long as you’re not easily offended.

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