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Marty Ross


Marty Ross
Marty Ross is an avid writer who has written a range of plays, dramas and audiobooks.


2020 saw Marty Ross write SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE DONNER PARTY and MOBY DICK for Audible. He is the author of a series of dramas for BBC Radio, from afternoon plays A HUNDRED MILES, A BREATH FROM OTHER PLANETS, MY BLUE PIANO, ROUGH MAGICK and LADY MACBETH OF MTSENSK to the popular serials GHOST ZONE & CATCH MY BREATH to the series THE DARKER SIDE OF THE BORDER. In February 2015 he was commissioned for THE DEAD OF FENWICK MOOR and MOYAMENSING: SCENES FROM THE LIFE, DEATH & DREAMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE (performed and recorded live at Glasgow's Centre For Contemporary Arts & then broadcast at Halloween 2014).

He is also the author of two Doctor Who audio dramas NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS & THE LURKERS AT SUNLIGHT'S EDGE and the Dark Shadows drama DRESS ME IN DARK DREAMS (nominated for a 2013 Scribes Award). The Wireless Theatre Company have produced the dramas MEDUSA ON THE BEACH and, under commission from the 2013 Buxton festival, REDDER THAN ROSES: A GLIMPSE OF MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS. For the 2014 Buxton
Festival, ghost story THE WOMAN ON THE BRIDGE has been commissioned and this will subsequently be available as an audio download. Wireless, in conjunction with 3D Horror Fi, also produced BLOOD AND STONE, nominated for a 2012 Rondo Award (the horror world's Oscars!). Ross' thriller novel AZTEC LOVE SONG is published by Weathervane Press.