Susie Riddell


Susie Riddell

Susie Riddell
Susie plays series regular, Tracy Horrobin, in BBC Radio 4's THE ARCHERS.



Height: 5ft 7

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Native: RP*


Name: Amy Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2018, Stage, Landlady/Estate Agent/Sparkly Margaret, TEMPORARY, Libby Liburd, Julie Addy

2017, Stage, Heron, WHAT IF THE PLANE FALLS OUT OF THE SKY?, Idiot Child, Anna Harpin

2014, Stage, Brooke Wyeth, OTHER DESERT CITIES, Old Vic, Lindsay Posner

2013, Stage, Multi-Role, R.O.G.E.R RADIO, Oddsocks Productions, Andy Barrow

2012, Stage, Amy, KNIFE ACT, HEARTH & Birmingham Rep, Alison Belbin

2011, Stage, Chorus, THE BRUMMIE PATROCLEIA, The Miniaturists at the Arcola, Roderick Smith

2011, Stage, Peter, YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT, Idiot Child, Anna Harpin

2010, Stage, Rosie, RABBIT EARS, Theatre West, Alison Comley

2010, Stage, One, CHOKING HAZARD, Idiot Child (for Bristol Old Vic 'Ferment'), Anna Harpin

2009, Stage, Holly/Magda, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Creation Theatre Company, Sarah Punshon

2009, Stage, Various, NOSTALGIA, Theatre West, Anna Harpin

2008, Stage, Jackie, THE BAD ONE, Women & Theatre, Terina Talbot

2008, Stage, Sally, BUTTERFLY KISS, RWCMD, Ian Hastings

2008, Stage, Olga, THREE SISTERS, RWCMD, Elizabeth Freestone

2007, Stage, Various, TRANSMISSIONS FESTIVAL, Birmingham Rep, Kwong Loke

2007, Stage, Viola/ Maria, TWELFTH NIGHT, Oddsocks Productions, Andy Barrow

2006, Stage, Karen/Lily/Kath/Nurse, THE LEARNING CURVE, Women & Theatre, Alison Henry

2006, Stage, Katherina, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Oddsocks Productions, Andy Barrow

2006, Stage, Julie, SNAPSHOT, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Kate Chapman

2006, Stage, Mary, Mother of James, THE LICHFIELD MYSTERIES, Lichfield Mysteries, Jack Milner

2006, Stage, Margot/ Miep, THE SECRET ANNEXE, Women & Theatre, Devised

2005, Stage, Miranda/ Ariel, THE TEMPEST, Oddsocks Productions, Andy Barrow

2005, Stage, Lady Macbeth (2nd Witch, 2nd Murderer, Lennox), MACBETH, Oddsocks Productions, Andy Barrow

2004, Stage, Performer/ Director, THE FIREBIRD, Women & Theatre, Devised

2003, Stage, Amber Leif (+ 10 characters), WHATEVER HAPPENED TO WHITE DOG SHIT?, 12lb Actor, Jonathan Morris

2003, Stage, Various Roles, TRANSMISSIONS OUTREACH, Birmingham Rep, Kate Chapman & Caroline Jester

2002, Stage, Chorus, HENRY V, Maverick Theatre, Nick Hennegan

2002, Stage, Polly Black, TAKE THE WOMAN, KILL THE MEN, Raw Theatre, Tom Bailey

2015, Television, Nurse Kate Luard, COMBAT TRAINS, Woodcut Media, Jonathan Mayo

2014, Television, Dr Shona Blakely, DOCTORS, BBC One, Christiana Ebohon

2010, Television, DC Kelly, EMMERDALE, ITV, Peter Rose

2010, Television, Eddie Broughton, DOCTORS, BBC One, Ian Barber

2008, Television, Alison, AN IDIOT'S GUIDE TO BEING THIRTY, BBC, Andy Richardson

2008, Television, Waitress, GAVIN & STACEY 2, Baby Cow Productions, Christine Gernon

2007, Television, Robbery Victim, CRIMEWATCH, BBC 1, Adam Mallins

2007, Television, Caroline Stanton, EMMERDALE, ITV, Heenan Bhatti

2006, Television, Carole, SAXONDALE, Baby Cow Productions, Matt Lipsey/ Steve Coogan

2001, Television, Sophie Feeney (guest lead), DOCTORS, BBC Television, SJ. Clarkson

2019, Radio, Tracy Horrobin, THE ARCHERS, BBC Radio 4, Jeremy Howe

2018, Radio, Emma, HOME FRONT, BBC Radio 4, Ciaran Bermingham

2017, Radio, Pippa / Mrs Ainsworth, HOME FRONT, BBC Radio 4, Jessica Dromgoole

2017, Radio, Tracy Horrobin, THE ARCHERS, BBC Radio 4, Huw Kennair-Jones

2016, Radio, Various, SOMETHING UNDERSTOOD, TBI Media for BBC Radio 4, Jonathan Mayo/ Michael Wakelin

2015, Radio, Various, BATTLE OF BRITAIN AT 75, BBC Radio 2/ TBI Media, Phil Critchlow

2014, Radio, Elizabeth, DARK FIRE (BY CJ SANSOM), BBC Radio Scotland, Kirsteen Cameron

2014, Radio, Various, D-DAY: 70 YEARS ON, BBC Radio 2, Jonathan Mayo

2014, Radio, Mary, C.S.FORESTER'S 'PLAIN MURDER', BBC Radio 4, David Ian Neville

2014, Radio, Dawn, THE ARCHITECTS, BBC Radio 4, Toby Swift

2013, Radio, Tracy Horrobin, THE ARCHERS, BBC Radio 4, Peter Leslie Wild

2013, Radio, Jill, NOTHING HAPPENED, BBC Radio 4, David Hunter

2013, Radio, Chief Inspector Suzy Andrews, ONE OF THE LADS, BBC Radio Scotland, David Ian Neville

2013, Radio, Miss Flummerfelt, THE LITTLE OTTLEYS - SERIES 4, BBC Radio 4, Tracey Neale

2012, Radio, Louise, THE RIGHTEOUS SISTERS, BBC Radio 4, Jonquil Panting

2012, Radio, Yasmin, UBYKH, BBC Radio 4, Gaynor Macfarlane

2012, Radio, Woman/ Karen, RUDY'S RARE RECORDS, BBC Radio Comedy, Katie Tyrell

2012, Radio, Zenocrate, TAMBURLAINE, BBC Radio Four, Peter Kavanagh

2012, Radio, Candice, LOVE ME DO, BBC Radio Four, Sally Avens

2012, Radio, Elizabeth, FRANKENSTEIN, BBC Radio Four, Marc Beeby

2012, Radio, Prostitute/ Washerwoman, 1984, BBC Radio Four, Jeremy Mortimer

2012, Radio, Miss Flummerfelt, THE LITTLE OTTLEYS - SERIES 3, BBC Radio 4, Tracey Neale

2012, Radio, Reader, CHRIS EVANS' 500 WORD STORY COMPETITION, BBC Radio Two, Bethany Minelle

2012, Radio, Holly, A CHARLES PARIS MYSTERY: AN AMATEUR CORPSE, BBC Radio Four, Sally Avens

2012, Radio, Buttercup, THE THIRD EYE AND THE PRIVATE EYE, BBC Radio Four, Marc Beeby

2012, Radio, Rose, ONE HOT SUMMER, BBC Radio Four, Mary Peate

2012, Radio, Becky Sharpe/ Martha Fellows, WRITING THE CENTURY: TIGER WINGS, BBC Radio Four, Tracey Neale

2012, Radio, Martha Denny, A MONTH OF JUNE - SHANGRI-LA, BBC Radio Four, David Hunter

2012, Radio, Rebekah, ALONE IN THE GARDEN WITH YOU, BBC Radio Four, Jessica Dromgoole

2012, Radio, Myrtle, THE GREAT GATSBY, BBC Radio Four, Gaynor Macfarlane

2012, Radio, Lucrezia Warren-Smith, MRS DALLOWAY, BBC Radio Four, Marc Beeby

2012, Radio, Zoe, ULYSSES, BBC Radio Four, Jonquil Panting

2012, Radio, Julie, TAKE A VIRTUAL GIRL LIKE YOU, BBC Radio Four, Sasha Yevtushenko

2012, Radio, Various, SHAKESPEARE'S RESTLESS WORLD, BBC Radio Four, Jeremy Mortimer/ Lucy Collingwood

2012, Radio, Emily/ Nurse, IS ANYTHING BROKEN?, BBC Radio Four, Marc Beeby

2012, Radio, Anjali, THE BRITISH CLUB, BBC Radio Four, Sarah Bradshaw

2012, Radio, Shop Assistant, VITAL STATISTICS, BBC Radio Four, Sasha Yevtushenko

2012, Radio, Jenny/ Ophelia Nutz, TRUEMAN & RILEY (2 EPISODES), BBC Radio Four, Marion Nancarrow

2011, Radio, Anna/ Louise, THE TAKEOVER, BBC Radio Four, Sally Avens

2011, Radio, Crazed Woman, BRAND, BBC Radio Four, Peter Kavanagh

2011, Radio, Dawn, MARNIE, BBC Radio Four, Marion Nancarrow

2011, Radio, Jacqui, POSITIVE, BBC Radio Four, Sara Davies

2011, Radio, Lisa/Nurse/Psychiatrist, BEST INTERESTS, BBC Radio Four, Jonquil Panting

2011, Radio, Woman, LIFE AND FATE: KRYMOV IN MOSCOW - A PARCEL, BBC Radio Four, Jonquil Panting

2011, Radio, Mother, FREUD: THE CASE HISTORIES, BBC Radio Four, Nadia Molinari

2011, Radio, Frau K, DORA: A SEDUCTION, BBC Radio Four, Elizabeth Allard

2011, Radio, Radiologist, BAD FAITH, BBC Radio Four, Mary Peate

2011, Radio, Keda, THE HISTORY OF TITUS GROAN, BBC Radio Four, Jeremy Mortimer/ David Hunter/ Gemma Jenkins

2011, Radio, Lola, LIFE AFTER LIFE, BBC Radio Four, Toby Swift

2011, Radio, Woman/ Boss/ Mum, WHENEVER I GET BLOWN UP I THINK OF YOU, BBC Radio Four, Gaynor Macfarlane

2011, Radio, Policewoman, PINK BOY, BLUE GIRL, BBC Radio Four, Sally Avens

2011, Radio, Secretary/ Teacher, FROM FACT TO FICTION: SUPERINJUNCTIONS BY DAVID BADDIEL, BBC Radio Four, James Robinson

2011, Radio, Linda Conquest, HIGH WINDOW, BBC Radio Four, Sasha Yevtushenko

2011, Radio, Sissy/ Felicia, IMAGINARY FRIENDS, BBC Radio Four, Marc Beeby

2011, Radio, Nurse Gage, A FAREWELL TO ARMS, BBC Radio Four, Jessica Dromgoole

2011, Radio, Ann, VERSE ILLUSTRATED, BBC Radio Four, James Robinson

2008, Radio, Sarah, GOLD'S FOOLS, BBC Radio 4, Sara Davies

2008, Radio, Team Member, CARLETON HOBBS BURSARY AWARD, RWCMD, Marilyn Le Conte

2008, Radio, Karen, OVERNIGHT, RWCMD, Marilyn Le Conte

2008, Radio, Clare, DIGGING FOR FIRE, RWCMD, Marilyn Le Conte

1994, Radio, Kate Aldridge - 4 years, THE ARCHERS, BBC Radio 4, Vanessa Whitburn

1994, Radio, Girl, VOICES, BBC Radio 5, Peter Fozzard