Sam Douglas


Sam Douglas

Sam Douglas


Height: 6'3

Hair: Greying

Eyes: Hazel

Native: American


Name: Dan Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London/LA/New York


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Stage, Johnny Friendly, ON THE WATERFRONT, East Productions, Stephen Berkoff

Stage, Detective, PORGY AND BESS, Savoy Theatre, Trevor Nunn

Stage, Jake, IN ARABIA WE'D ALL BE KINGS, Hampstead Theatre, London, Robert Delamere

Stage, Steve/Mitch, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, Royal National Theatre, Trevor Nunn

Stage, Karl, A RAISIN IN THE SUN, Royal National Theatre, James Kerr

Stage, Jones, THE DARKER FACE OF THE EARTH, Royal National Theatre, James Kerr

Stage, Creeper, JOHNNY ON A SPOT, Royal National Theatre, Richard Eyre

Stage, Heckler, SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH, Royal National Theatre, Richard Eyre

Stage, Simeon, DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS, Greenwich Theatre, London, Patrick Mason

Stage, Chaplain, EDMOND, Royal Court Theatre, Richard Eyre

2020, Television, David Rokes, KILLING EVE Series 3, BBC

2019, Television, Vadim, Timewasters (4 Eps), Big Talk, George Kane

2018, Television, Mr Fielding, Bounty Hunters, Sky/Cave Bear, Toby MacDonald

2018, Television, Park Manager, Absentia (Series 2), Sony Pictures, Adam Sanderson

2017, Television, Attorney General Palmer, GENIUS: Einstein, Fox 21, Kenneth Biller

2016, Television, Bouncer, Red Dwarf, BBC, Doug Naylor

2016, Television, Dave Neese, SUSPICION, October Films/Discovery, Thomas Latter

2015, Television, US Ambassador William Bullitt (3 eps), Magnum Opus, Carnaby Films, Ida Cuéllar/Timothy Gibbs

2013, Television, King Herod, THE BIBLE, The History Channel, Crispin Reece

2013, Television, Mitchell's Dad (2 eps), BAD EDUCATION, Tiger Aspect BBC 3, Elliot Hegarty

Television, McVay, HIROSHIMA, BBC, Paul Wilmhurst

Television, Brick Eagleburger (4 eps), ADRIAN MOLE:The Cappuccino Years, BBC, Sandy Johnson

Television, Director, THE ARMANDO IANUCCI SHOW, Channel 4/TALKBACK, Armando Iannucci

Television, Maurice (2 eps), The 10th Kingdom, Hallmark, Herbert Wise

Television, Paul Cantrell, KAVANAGH QC III, Carlton TV, Russell Lewis

Television, Sgt Steve Fullerton (3 eps), Doctor Finlay, STV, Patrick Lau/Aisling Walsh

Television, Baxter, HIGHLANDER, Gaumont/Filmline, Dennis Berry

Television, Capt. Corrigan (3 eps), Jeeves and Wooster, Granada TV, Ferdinand Fairfax

Television, Det. Kapinski, TO BE THE BEST, CBS, Tony Wharmby

Television, Danny Joe, UNNATURAL PURSUITS, BBC, Christopher Morahan

Television, King Herod The Great, The Bible (Mini series), History Channel, Crispin Reece

Television, Taxi Driver, Money (Mini Series), BBC TV, Jeremy Lovering

Television, Fraser, If..., Blast Films, Bren Simson

Television, General Klebstock, Lexx, Chum Television, Paul Donovan

Television, Shelby, Bodyguards, Zenith Entertainment, Jeffrey Caine

Television, Billy Joe McCarthy, Goodnight Sweetheart, BBC, Robin Nash

Television, Ted/Tommy Murphy (3 eps), Space Precinct, Grove Television, Gerry Anderson

Television, Pussycat Club Bouncer/Jerry's Goon (5 eps), Liquid Television, MTV/BBC

Television, Dave Rich (2 eps), A Quiet Conspiracy, Anglia Television, John Gorrie

Feature Film, Tourist, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, EuropaCorp, Luc Besson

Feature Film, Dino Ravetino, THE SWEETER SIDE OF LIFE, Castel Films, Michael Damian

Feature Film, William Woodgard, Colombiana, EuropaCorp, Olivier Megaton/Luc Besson (Producer)

Feature Film, Harry Oakes, CLEAN SKIN, UK Film Studio, Hadi Hajaig

Feature Film, Saul, FRANKLYN, RPC/Film 4, Gerald McMorrow Film, Bonnet, Tonto Woman (Oscar Nomination), Knucklehead, Daniel Barber

Feature Film, Vince, HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE, Paramount, Robert B Weide

Feature Film, Grimal, PERFUME, Dreamworks/Constantin Films, Tom Tykmer

Feature Film, Alfredo Scarpitta, LAGUNA, New Line Films, Dennis Berry

Feature Film, Finger - Chief NY Cop, The Fifth Element, Gaumont, Luc Bresson

Feature Film, Rosebud, SNATCH, Ska Films, Guy Ritchie

Feature Film, Moe, EYES WIDE SHUT, Hobby Films, Stanley Kubrick

Feature Film, Agent Kapinsyki, Mission: Impossible, Paramount Pictures, Brian De Palma

Feature Film, Ricorso Jr, BATMAN, Warner Brothers, Tim Burton

Feature Film, Big Guy, The Resort, Umedia, Steve Barker

Feature Film, Wallis Woodman, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, Shepperton Studios, Bill Clark

Feature Film, Network President, Alien Autopsy, Ealing Studios, Jonny Cambell

Feature Film, Strasser, Final Contract: Death On Delivery, Action Concept Film, Axel Sand

Feature Film, Homicide Detective, Derailed, Miramax, Mikael Håfström

Feature Film, Detective, Dot.Kill, Bauer Martinez Studios, John Irwin

Feature Film, Vietnam Veteran, Unstoppable, Millennium Films, David Carson

Feature Film, US President, Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, MGM, Kevin Allen

Feature Film, Crash Site Detective, Octane, Delux Productions, Marcus Adams

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Feature Film, Little Isadore, The Snatching of Bookie Bob, Zephyr Films, John Sharian

Feature Film, Captain Holcroft, Fight and Revenge, Caravan Pictures, David Winters

Feature Film, English Teacher, Hackers, United Artists, Iain Softley

Feature Film, Cpl. Zawadski, The Dressmaker, Channel 4 Films, Jim O'Brien

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Feature Film, Ray Kelly, Heckle, Quantum Film, Martyn Pick

Feature Film, Sledge, SUNSET PARK, Ring The Bell Productions, Jason Sarrey

2020, Video Game, Bear, Wildcat, Interior Night Ltd, Various

Short Film, Little Isadore, THE SNATCHING OF BOOKIE BOB, Odds On Films, John Sharian

Video Game, Scott Shelby, Heavy Rain, Sony Pictures, David Cage

Video Game, Various, Killzone: Mercenary, Guerilla Games, Philip Lawrence

Television Movie, Frosty, Living Dangerously, HTV, Adam Hirsch

Television Movie, Nilsson, The Painted Lady, Granada TV, Julian Jarrold

Television Movie, Luigi, BROKEN GLASS, WGBH/BBC, David Thacker

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Television Movie, Detective, To Be the Best, LWT, Tony Wharmby

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Television Movie, Second Journalist, Murrow, TAFT Entertainment Pictures, Jack Gold