Patrick Driver


Patrick Driver

Patrick Driver
Currently appearing in A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES for Sky.



Height: 5'9

Hair: Greying

Eyes: Blue

Native: London


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2019, Stage, Sir Cedric, DEAR UNCLE, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, Tom Littler

2019, Stage, Major Courtney, THE LADYKILLERS, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, Chris Honer

2019, Stage, Ken, IN BASILDON, Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, Douglas Rintoul

2018, Stage, Romeo, A TENDER THING, Chipping Norton Theatre, John Terry

2017, Stage, Micky, HYEM, Theatre503 and Northern Stage, Jonny Kelly

2017, Stage, Dr. Manette, A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Regent's Park Theatre, Tim Sheader

2017, Stage, Frank, EDUCATING RITA, Gala Theatre, Durham, Rebecca Frecknall

2016, Stage, Bishop Parry, THE HERBAL BED, ETT/Rose Theatre/Northampton Royal, James Dacre

2015, Stage, Escalus, MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Dominic Dromgoole

2015, Stage, Father Antonio, THE HERESY OF LOVE, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, John Dove

2015, Stage, Corin, AS YOU LIKE IT, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Blanche McIntyre

2015, Stage, Teddy, FAITH HEALER, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, John Dove

2014, Stage, Roy Twigg, DR. SCROGGY'S WAR, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, John Dove

2014, Stage, Cinna/Flavius/Lepidus, JULIUS CAESAR, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Dominic Dromgoole

2013, Stage, Rev Peters/ensemble, THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, RNT at Apollo Theatre, Marianne Elliot/Katy Rudd

2012, Stage, The Pedant/ensemble, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Toby Frow

2012, Stage, Gordon, FOR ONCE, Traverse Theatre and tour, Orla O'Loughlin

2011, Stage, Gordon, FOR ONCE, Hampstead Theatre, Orla O'Loughlin

2011, Stage, Dr Lyman, BUS STOP, New Vic & Stephen Joseph Theatre, James Dacre

2010, Stage, Long John Silver, TREASURE ISLAND, The Watermill Theatre, Robin Belfield

2010, Stage, Henry Bell, SCORCHED, Old Vic Tunnels, Patricia Benecke

2010, Stage, Barry/Man, THE FURIES/HELTER SKELTER, Dialogue Productions UK tour, Patricia Benecke

2009, Stage, Various, ANTHOLOGY, Latitude Festival, Dan Bird

2009, Stage, Teddy, FAITH HEALER, Salisbury Playhouse, Philip Wilson

2008, Stage, Jason, DROWNING ON DRY LAND, Salisbury Playhouse, Sarah Esdaile

2008, Stage, Neyif, WEDDING DAY AT THE CRO-MAGNONS, Soho Theatre, Patricia Benecke

2008, Stage, Man, HELTER SKELTER, Bush Theatre, Patricia Benecke

2007, Stage, Duke of Venice & Lodovico, OTHELLO, Salisbury Playhouse, Raz Shaw

2007, Stage, Canon Fulbert, REVERENCE, Southwark Playhouse, Joel Scott

2006, Stage, Irvin, MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM, Royal Exchange, Manchester, Jacob Murray

2006, Stage, Performer, THE SHOW'S THE THING, Alexandra Palace, David Harradine

2006, Stage, Shirley, HIGHS AND LOWS, Hackney Empire, Mark Espiner

2005, Stage, Mr.Driver, TOP DOGS - NATIONAL TOUR, Dialogue Productions, Patricia Benecke

2004, Stage, Solomon Isaacs, LONDON ASSURANCE, Royal Exchange Manchester, Jacob Murray

2004, Stage, Judge, VOLPONE, Royal Exchange Manchester, Greg Hersov

2003, Stage, Mr.Driver, TOP DOGS, Southwark Playhouse, Patricia Benecke

2003, Stage, God, NO, IT WAS YOU, Arcola Theatre, Boz Temple-Morris

2001, Stage, Merlin, MERLIN, Riverside Studios, Patricia Benecke

2001, Stage, Librarian, IMPERFECT LIBRARIAN, Primitive Science, Marc von Henning

2000, Stage, Klaus Uhltscht, HEROES LIKE US, NXT/Dialogue Productions, Patricia Benecke

2000, Stage, Poseidon, POSEIDON, Primitive Science, Young Vic, Marc Von Henning

1999, Stage, Assassin, BLONDEL, Regeneration Theatre Company, Chris Harding

1999, Stage, Daedalus, ICARUS FALLING, Primitive Science, Marc Von Henning

1999, Stage, The M.C., THE M.C. OF A STRIPTEASE ACT DOESN'T GIVE UP, Dialogue Productions, Patricia Benecke

1999, Stage, The Hunger Artist, HUNGER, Primitive Science, Marc von Henning

2020, Television, Steiner, A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, BadWolf/Sky, Farren Blackburn

2017, Television, Henderson, INFORMER, BBC1, Jonny Campbell

2017, Television, Neville Blackwood, HIDDEN AMERICA WITH JONAH RAY, Dakota Films NBC, Paul Bonnano

2016, Television, Alf, CALL THE MIDWIFE, BBC1, Syd Macartney

2016, Television, Simms, GUERRILLA, Sky Arts, John Ridley

2014, Television, Alec Smithson, SILENT WITNESS, BBC, David Richards

2013, Television, Frank, EASTENDERS, BBC, Dan Wilson

2012, Television, Mike Sullivan, FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER, Channel 4, Martin Dennis

2010, Television, Mayor, THE VILLAGE WITH NOTHING TO HIDE - COMIC SKETCH FOR C4 PILOT, Hat Trick Productions, Adam King

2009, Television, Derek Harley - guest lead, DOCTORS, BBC Television, Bob Tomson

2007, Television, Policeman, WHISTLEBLOWERS, Carnival Films for ITV, John McKay

2005, Television, Liam, HOLBY CITY, BBC Television, Indra Bhose

2005, Television, Phil McHugh, THE BILL, Talkback/Thames, Jim Loach

2004, Television, Roy Lambert- guest lead, DOCTORS, BBC Television, Christiana Ebohon

2003, Television, Brian-series regular, THE LAST CHANCERS, Angel Eye (Channel 4 ), Vito Rocco/Stephen Merchant

2003, Television, PC Arnold, THE WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE, BBC Television, Dan Zeff

2003, Television, AA man, GRASS, BBC Television, Martin Dennis

2002, Television, Uncle Ray, PEEPSHOW, Objective Productions (Channel 4), Jeremy Wooding

2002, Television, Des-series regular, THE OFFICE, BBC Television, Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant

2002, Television, Judge Broderick, VORTEX, BBC Television, Marc Jobst

2002, Television, Mr. Cracknell, MY HERO, Big Bear (BBC2), John Stroud

2001, Television, Jack, ED STONE IS DEAD, Initial TV, David Kerr

2001, Television, Geoff Robson, PEOPLE LIKE US, BBC Television, John Morton

2001, Television, Colin Butler-guest lead, THE BILL, Pearson/Thames Television, Michael Owen Morris

2001, Television, Policeman, MR.CHARITY, BBC Television, Nick Wood

2000, Television, Manager, BLAGGERS, Channel 4 Television, Martin Morrison

2017, Feature Film, Sgt. Holdsworth, UNDERCLIFFE, Open Palm Films, Lisa Mulcahy

2019, Rehearsed Reading, King Richard/Brand, THE DEATH OF ROBERT EARL OF HUNTINGTON, ReadnotDead @ Globe SWP, Emma Pallant

2018, Workshop, Ian, Dai, STEEL, Crucible Theatre, Rebecca Frecknall

2017, Short Film, Dr.Robert Gibson, IN (SILENCE), NFTS, Moritz Omland-Boehringer

2016, Corporate, Jake, COLLISION MANAGEMENT, Green Lions, David Bond

2016, Corporate, Politician, BETTER FUTURES, Rada in Business, Jonathan Lewis

2016, Workshop, Father O'Hara, SOME MOTHERS DO 'AVE 'EM, Theatre Royal Bath, Guy Unsworth & Christopher Luscombe

2016, Corporate, Mr Smythe, BAD FEEDBACK, Maverick, Floris Ramaekers

2016, Rehearsed Reading, Silius, SEJANUS, RednotDead @ Globe SWP, James Wallace

2015, Rehearsed Reading, Lecturer, GRAVITY, A LOVE STORY, Scratch That Hackney, Mark Conway

2014, Corporate, Terry, FOLLOW THE MONEY, HMRC, Frank Butler

2013, Corporate, Jim, CUSTOMER FIRST, Dramatic Solutions for Coral, Richard De Costa

2013, Workshop, The Doctor & Len, GHOSTING THE PARTY, RNT studio, Amy Hodge

2013, Workshop, Billy, BEING TOMMY COOPER, Franklin Productions, Cecily Boys

2013, Corporate, Supervisor, EQUIPMENT RELIABILITY, Eorigen, Graeme Kitto

2012, Corporate, Fraudster, HSBC, Zing Productions, Matt Lingard

2011, Corporate, CEO of NGC, STATE OF THE NATION, Eorigen, Graeme Kitto

2011, Corporate, Lee, BP E-LEARNING DVD, Dramatic Solutions, Richard De Costa

2011, Radio, Mr. Marshall, THE HAMSTER, BBC Radio 4, Boz Temple-Morris

2011, Workshop, Father, IN OGLINDA, Jennifer Lunn

2011, Workshop, Fred Holland-Day, REST UPON THE WIND, Nadim Sawalha

2010, Audio, Horace Walpole, STRAWBERRY HILL HOUSE - AUDIO GUIDE, Holy Mountain, Boz Temple-Morris

2009, Rehearsed Reading, 1st Talking Head, BEYOND, Royal Court, Rob Watt

2009, Short Film, Dad, MISSING, Phil Mash

2009, Corporate, Jonathan, DILEMMAS, The Edge Picture Company, Sasha Damjanovski

2009, Voice Over, Various, TALKING PAGES, British Library, Various

2008, Training Film, Various Roles, BEHAVIOURAL SAFETY, Balfour Beatty, Bill Grist

2008, Voice Over, Various, TALKING PAGES, British Library, Various

2008, Training Film, Various Roles, COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN OPTOMETRY, Radical Departures, Sasha Damjanovski

2007, Corporate, Mr.Bradshaw, DOING THE DEAL, Revenue & Customs, Frank Butler

2007, Radio, Solicitor/Detective McManus, CRUSTY PIE, Resonance FM, Boz Temple-Morris

2006, Radio, Trefaldi, THE CRAZY LOCOMOTIVE, Resonance FM, Boz Temple-Morris

2006, Radio, Henry Coxwell, THE BALLOONISTS, BBC Radio 4, Kate Chapman

2006, Commercial, Marketing executive, HOW WOULD YOU SELL IT?, Cornerstone films, Simon Dinsel

2007, Corporate, Pat, TALKING ABOUT MY DEVELOPMENT, AKT, Paul Brady

2006, Corporate, Chris, BUSINESS AS USUAL, SOCA, Sasha Damjanovski

2005, Corporate, Dennis-Truck Driver, HUMINT TRAINING FILM, Customs & Excise, Frank Butler

2005, Corporate, Ted Arnold-businessman, VAT ASSESSORS, Custom & Excise, Frank Butler

2004, Corporate, Mr. Dunbar - accountant, CASH STORIES, Customs and Excise, Frank Butler

2002, Corporate, Scientist (lead), PROOF, Bob Crayon Productions, Matthew Meech

2001, Corporate, Husband, WISH UPON A STAR, WH Smith - 1871 Productions, Shani Grewal

2001, Commercial, Man, BT, Joy Films, Tom Marilion

2000, Corporate, Ken, MOMENTS OF TRUTH, Esprit Consulting, Mike Davies

1999, Corporate, Martin, THE TEAMWORKING EXPERIMENT, TV Choice, Chris Walsh