Nick Bartlett


Nick Bartlett

Nick Bartlett


Height: 5'9

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Native: London


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2016, Stage, Det. Baylen, GLengarry Glen Ross, Pretty Villain/Rialto Theatre, Brighton, RogerKay

2014, Stage, Valmont, Quartet, Blowfish TC, Brighton/Aberythwyth, Alistair Cording

2012, Stage, Jerry Goss, BUG, S. P. Productions, James Weisz

2011, Stage, Jack Carter, Get Carter, S. P. Productions, James Weisz

2009, Stage, Oberon, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Brighton Fringe Festival, Clare Raftery

2008, Stage, Rob, Senti-mental, Union Theatre, Southwark, Andy McEwan

2000, Stage, Hamlet, Hamlet, 5th Column Theatre Co., Rob Curry

1996, Stage, Bamforth, The Long,The Short And The Tall, Bill Kenwright Ltd, Paul Jericho

1994, Stage, Mike, East (Berkoff), Leicester Haymarket Theatre, Paul Kerryson

2019, Television, Drunk Man, The Nevers, HBO, Joss Whedon

2018, Television, Dan Danger (Hell's Angel), Casualty, BBC, Jordan Hogg

2018, Television, Steve, EastEnders, BBC Television, Ian White

2015, Television, Jerry, THE INTERCEPTOR, BBC/Grafton House, Julian Holmes

2014, Television, Mr Hodgson, THE ENFIELD HAUNTING, Sky Atlantic, Kristoffer Nyholm

2013, Television, Welder, Black Mirror: White Bear, Zeppotron/Channel 4, Carl Tibbetts

2012, Television, Trevor Bain, EastEnders, BBC Televison, Ian White

2011, Television, Mr Smith, Call The Midwife, BBC Television/Neal street Prod, Philippa Lowthorpe

2010, Television, Tom, Alys, Apollo Television, Robert Gwynn

2010, Television, Nick, Derren Brown, Objective Productions, Derren Brown

2009, Television, Paul Clanton (2 eps), Casualty, BBC Television, Will Sinclair

2009, Television, Tim Baker (6 eps), Londynczycy, Twilight/Best Films, Andrej Szajna

2008, Television, Hunter, BBC Television, Colm McCarthy

2008, Television, Clone, BBC 3, Rob Schiller

2007, Television, Eddie Watson, The Bill, Talkback Thames, Mike Cocker

2007, Television, Trial & Retribution, La Plante Productions, Tristram Powell

2006, Television, Lester Strick, Supernatural, BBC Television, David Richards

2006, Television, Blair, C4, Simon Cellan-Jones

2006, Television, Dave, Eastenders, BBC Television, Mark Sendell

2005, Television, Existential Carpark attendant, The Last Detective, ITV, Mathew Evans

2003, Television, Detective Inspector Collins, Trail Of Guilt, BBC Television, John Douglas

2002, Television, Rough Man, Tipping the Velvet, BBC 2 Television, Geof Sax

2001, Television, Prison Officer, The Jury, Granada Television, Pete Travis

2000, Television, Kerry Dowd, Lock Stock And..., Channel 4, Rudolf Mesldagh

2000, Television, Harry, Trial & Retribution V, La Plante Productions, Mathew Evans

2019, Feature Film, Armoured Truck Driver, DUMBO, Disney, Tim Burton

2018, Feature Film, Terry, My Name Is Lenny, Salon Pictures, Ron Scalpello

2015, Feature Film, Vincent, GUTTERSNIPES, Wolf Productions, Martin Salter

2013, Feature Film, Shortsleeve, World War Z, Paramount, Marc Forster

2012, Feature Film, Mr Wopsle, Great Expectations, Number 9 Films, Mike Newell

2011, Feature Film, Beaumont, London Boulevard, London Boulevard Limited, William Monahan

2008, Feature Film, John, The Sisters Grimm, Bassline Entertainment, Robbie Moffatt

2007, Feature Film, Pub Regular, Cass, Logie Films, Jon Baird

2007, Feature Film, Eddie, The Calling, Medb films, Jan Dunn

2006, Feature Film, Sergei Illyich, Rendition, Ultra Film, Jim Threapleton

2005, Film, Tattoo Artist, Dream Tattoo, Conviction Pictures, Andrew Bullas

2005, Feature Film, Lee Vaughan, The Penalty King, Twin Tracks/Maverik, Chris Cook

2004, Feature Film, Gangster, Les Oiseaux du Ciel, Autonomous, Eliane de Latours

2002, Film, Biker, Karma, Partisan, Lee Schulmann

2001, Feature Film, Gang Leader, Gangs Of New York, Paradise Square, Martin Scorsese

2000, Feature Film, Trevor, 51st State, Miramax, Ronny Yu

1999, Feature Film, Dave, Anna, Per Holst Films, Denmark, Erik Wedersoe

1998, Feature Film, John Ruck, Topsy Turvy, Thin Man Films, Mike Leigh

1995, Feature Film, Jackson, Cutthroat Island, Columbia Tristar, Renny Harlin

1994, Feature Film, David Daley, ID, Parallax Pictures, Phil Davis