Naveed Khan


Naveed Khan

Naveed Khan



Height: 5'11

Hair: Black

Eyes: Eye

Native: London


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2021, Stage, Fix, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmund's, Owen Calvert-Lyons

2019, Stage, Babi/Mullah Faizullah/Zaman, A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS, Birmingham REP, Roxana Silbert

2018, Stage, Kasap, TAMBURLAINE, Royal Shakespeare Company, Michael Boyd

2018, Stage, PC Raj Kumar, TARTUFFE, Royal Shakespeare Company, Iqbal Khan

2017, Stage, Jack, FLOOD - TO THE SEA, Slung Low and BBC, Alan Lane

2017, Stage, Jack, FLOOD - ABUNDANCE, Slung Low, Alan Lane

2016, Stage, Ali Vujoodi, PARADISE OF THE ASSASSINS, Tara Arts/Black Theatre Live, Tony Clark

2016, Stage, Gary/John, DARKNET, Southwark Playhouse, Russell Bender


2014, Stage, Menalee, PITCAIRN, The Globe Theatre / Out of Joint / CFT, Max Stafford-Clark

2014, Stage, Sanjay, PIONEER, Curious Directive, Jack Lowe

2014, Stage, Steve/Rob, WAITING GAME, Kazzum Arts, Daryl Beeton

2013, Stage, Sargent Hiccup, 59 MINUTES TO SAVE CHRISTMAS, Slung Low and The CAST Doncaster, Alan Lane

2013, Stage, Player, AND WE WILL PLAY AGAIN, Curious Directive, Jack Lowe

2012, Stage, Sargent Hiccup, 59 MINUTES TO SAVE CHRISTMAS, Slung Low and The Barbican, Alan Lane

2012, Stage, Heiner, THESE BONES OF MINE, Curious Directive, Jack Lowe

2012, Stage, Ishaak, Ravi and Antonio, AFTER THE RAINFALL, Curious Directive, Jack Lowe

2012, Stage, Sasrutha, THE TRUTH TELLER, The King's Head, Svetlana Dimcovic

2011, Stage, Dr Korczak, THE TAGORE PROJECT, The West Yorkshire Playhouse, Alan Lane

2011, Stage, Huld (lawyer), THE TRIAL, Watford Palace Theatre, James Williams

2010, Stage, Asif/Mr Wood/Emilio/George/Aunty Safa, LINCOLN ROAD, Eastern Angles, Naoimi Jones

2010, Stage, Anil, STITCHES, Pilot Light Theatre, Tom Brazier

2008, Stage, Nur al-Sayid, JERUSALEM, The Oxford Playhouse, Ellen McDougall

2008, Stage, Sedoy, PLASTICINE, The Oxford School of Drama, Natalie Abrahami

2008, Stage, Oberon, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, The Oxford School of Drama, Daniel Goldman

2008, Stage, David Scott-Fowler, AFTER THE DANCE, The Oxford School of Drama, Amy Cudden

2008, Stage, Bernick, PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY, The Oxford School of Drama, Steve Woodward

2023, Television, Shakeel, Breeders Series 4, Sky TV, Chris Addison

2023, Television, Police Officer, Not Going Out Series 13, Avalon BBC, Nick Wood

2023, Television, Delivery Driver, Sex Education Series 4, Netflix, Alyssa McClellend

2022, Television, AA Man, Tell Me Everything, ITV, Marley Morrison

2018, Television, Jack, LIVING IN FEAR, SKY TV, Rob Savage

2018, Television, Imam, HUMANS - SEASON 3, Kudos, Al Mackay

2018, Television, Police Officer, HOLD THE SUNSET, BBC, Sandy Johnson

2018, Television, Helpful Pakistani Man, THE COMMUTER - ELECTRIC DREAMS, Channel 4, Tom Harper

2017, Television, Helpful Man, THE COMMUTER, Channel 4/Sony, Tom Harper

2016, Television, Waiter (Guest Lead), JOSH, BBC3, David Schneider

2016, Television, Martin, BIRDS OF A FEATHER, ITV, Martin Dennis

2015, Television, Caretaker, CATHERINE TATE "NAN SPECIALS", Tiger Aspect for BBC1, Geoff Posner

2015, Television, Laughing Man, RIVER, BBC, Jessica Hobbs

2023, Feature Film, David, NORTHERN COMFORT, Good Chaos, Hafsteinn Gunnar SigurĂ°sson

2023, Feature Film, Aaron, BETWEEN THE LIGHTS, Laal Blue Dot, Michael Groom

2023, Feature Film, Imam, WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?, Instinct Productions, Shekhar Kapur

2022, Feature Film, Captain Mahmoud, DEATH ON THE NILE, 20th Century Studios, Kenneth Branagh

2021, Feature Film, Imam, WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?, Instinct Productions, Shekhar Kapur

2019, Feature Film, Raj, BODY OF WATER, BBC Films, Lucy Brydon

2015, Feature Film, Gypsy Cabbie, SURVIVOR, Millennium Films, James McTeigue

2014, Feature Film, Ravinder, SECOND COMING, BFI, Film4 and Hillbilly Films, Debbie Tucker Green

2022, Commercial, Gorillas - What London Wants, Academy Films, Ethan Tom 

2021, Commercial, Beach Father, HSBC Borders, Outsider, James Rouse

2018, Commercial, Ian, Under The Table - Clearscore, Outsider, James Rouse

2013, Commercial, Father, Scrimpers, Partizan for Carphone Warehouse, Eric Lynne

2019, Commercial, Bones, SPECTRUM MOBILE ‘PIRATES’, Outsider, James Rouse

2018, Commercial, Ian, UNDER THE TABLE - CLEARSCORE, Outsider, James Rouse

2013, Commercial, Father, SCRIMPERS, Partizan for Carphone Warehouse, Eric Lynne

2013, Short Film, Imran, NO MORE POUNDSHOP WARS, BBC Space Project and Slung Low, Alan Lane

2012, Corporate, Road Warrior, SHELL CORPORATE, The Edge Picture Company and Shell Oil, Ian Barnes

2012, Short Film, Ted, TEA WITH NORMAN, Afternoon Brew Productions, Gerard Giorgi-Coll

2012, Commercial, Newsagent, VOLKSWAGEN VALUE, Volkswagen, Andy Mcleod

2012, Commercial, The Dictator's Ambassador, THE DICTATOR PROMO, Vice, Chris O'Neill

2011, Commercial, Look Out, STAR WARS - DARTH VISIT, Currys, Rocky Morton

2011, Commercial, Cricketer, SKY SPORTS SUMMER CRICKET, BSkyB, Wes Forbes

2010, Corporate, Dennis, MALARIA AWARENESS, Shell Oil, Peter Granger

2008, Ident, Burly Scotsman and 'Chip', BLIGHTY, BBC and Red Bee Media, Nick Meikle

2008, Corporate, Operating Unit Manager, HIV AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, Shell Oil, James Appleton

2008, Viral, Producer, HOLLY WILLOUGHBY VIRAL, HeadHunt TV, Andrew Chaplin