Marcus Hercules


Marcus Hercules

Marcus Hercules
Marcus is currently filming for series 3 of BRASSIC for Sky One.




Height: 5ft 7

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Native: Bradford*


Name: Elizabeth Stocking

Tel: 0161 833 1605

Email: [email protected]

Location: Manchester


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Stage, Karl, PRISON GAME, Hercules Productions, Royal Exchange, Wyllie Longmaore

Stage, Tootles, PETER PAN, National Theatre Of Scotland, John Tiffany

Stage, Sly, VENUES AND THE KILLER BEES, Contact Theatre, Karena Johnson

Stage, Pops, Wayne, DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES, Hercules Productions, Contact Theatre, Tour, Benji Reid

Stage, Narrator, CARRY MI ACKE, Free Expression Dance, Contact Theatre, Imani Jendai

Stage, Ike, Vent, Royal Exchange, Chris Wright

Stage, Blackeye, Blue, Nottingham Arts, Jim Finlay

Stage, Alex, 21ST CENTURY GRIOT, Reading Theatre, Michele D'Acosta

Stage, Shadow, UNDERWORLD, Certain Curtain, Claire Moore

Stage, Marvin, SONGS AND SCARES, Contact Theatre, Mathew Dumpster

Stage, Various, TO YOU SHOW, Lowry Manchester, Richard Gregory

Stage, Oswald, KING LEAR, 50 Dollar playas, Alan Patterson

Stage, Leon, Safe, Contact Theatre, Brian Morgan

Stage, Ken, Blues For Mr Charlie, Talawo, Paulette Randall

Stage, Tony, PRINCE, Contact Theatre, Brian Morgan

Stage, Leon, LYRICAL FLAVAS, BBC / Contact Theatre, John Mcgrath

Stage, Simple, CINDY RELISHER & THE DJ PRINCE, Library Theatre, Trever Nairne

Stage, Micheal Johnston, IDENTITY, Talawo, Leicester Curve, Steven Lucky

Television, Steve, Brassic, Sky1

Television, Jake, CORONATION STREET (4 eps), ITV, Peter Rose

Television, Jimmy, SHAMELESS, Company Productions, Jim O'Hanlon

Television, Charity Chugger, GIVE OUT GIRLS, Sky, Chloe Thomas

Television, Ricardo, THE COCKLE FARMER (5 EPS), Welsh TV/ SC4, Edd Talfen

Television, Burt, THE SLAVE TRADE, ITV, Sian Bradshaw

Television, Various (COMEDY SKETCH SHOW), SPACE HOPPERS, BBC, Alex Hardcastle

Television, Paul, MOBILE, Granada Television, Stuart Orme

Television, Nathan Harland, NEW STREET LAW, RED PRODUCTIONS, Emma Boyce / Mathew Bird

Television, Max, CASUALTY, BBC, Chris King

Television, Leon, NORTHERN LIGHTS, Granada Television, Paul Seed

Television, Vince, DOCTORS, BBC, Ray Kilby

Television, Nathan, Holby City, BBC, Jane Powell

Television, Lucas, BROOKSIDE, Mersey TV, Alan Grint / Tony Garner / Paul Murphy

Film, Prento, LAPSE OF HONOUR, J Rocka Entertainment, Rayna Campbell, Rayna Campbell

Film, Philip, TWO WHEELS AND A BABY, Spring Rites Productions, Maggie Ford

Radio, Malachi, WALKING ON SUNSHINE, BBC, Gary Brown

Radio, Si, BAD BY DEFAULT, BBC, Gary Brown

Radio, Koffee, PATTY'S PATTIES, BBC, Gary Brown