Julian M Deuster


Julian M Deuster

Julian M Deuster
Recently filmed series reg role in new show THE SOUTH WESTERLIES (Deadpan Pictures). 



Height: 6'

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Native: German


Name: Dan Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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Musical, Fisher, THE FISHER AND HIS WIFE, Alleetheater Hamburg

Musical, Siedler, WHITE HORSE INN, Chamber Opera Cologne, Lajos Wenzel

Musical, Che, EVITA, Le Theatre Kriens-Luzern

Musical, Various Roles, MIO MY MIO, Alleetheater Hamburg, Claus Gutbier

2015, Opera, Narrator & Tenor Solo, KING DAVID, St. Nicolai Diepholz, Meike Voss-Harzmeier

2012, Opera, Erik, THE FLYING DUTCHMAN, SHORTENED, Alleetheater Hamburg

2011, Opera, Tamino, THE MAGIC FLUTE, SHORTENED, Alleetheater Hamburg

2010, Opera, Eisenstein, THE BAT/DIE FLEDERMAUS, Chamber Opera Cologne

2009, Opera, Ruiz, IL TROVATORE, California Opera Festival Fresno

2009, Opera, Bastien, BASTIEN & BASTIENNE, California Opera Festival Fresno

2009, Opera, Peppe, PAGLIACCI, California Opera Festival Fresno

2009, Opera, Tamino, THE MAGIC FLUTE, SHORTENED, Alleetheater Hamburg

2008, Opera, Orpheus, ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD, Alleetheater Hamburg

2007, Opera, Ramiro, CINDERELLA/LA CENERENTOLA, SHORTENED, Alleetheater Hamburg

2007, Opera, Orpheus, ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD, Chamber Opera Cologne

2005, Opera, Hans, THE EDELWEISS PIRATES, WORLD PREMIERE, Chamber Opera Cologne

2005, Opera, Mercury, ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD, Chamber Opera Cologne

2019, Television, Stefan Muller, THE SOUTH WESTERLIES, Deadpan Pictures, Simon Gibney/Declan Recks

2019, Television, Jonas Wimmer, QUEENS OF MYSTERY, Sly Fox Productions, Jamie Stone

2018, Television, Man in Hot Medica Reception, KILLING EVE, Sid Gentle Films, Jon East/Harry Bradbeer

2016, Television, Viktor Forst (recurring), X COMPANY SEASON 2, CBC/Temple Street Productions, Grant Harvey

2015, Television, Viktor Forst (recurring), X COMPANY SEASON 1, CBC/Temple Street Productions, Various Directors

2014, Television, Lt. von Armin, OUR WORLD WAR, BBC Television, Bruce Goodison

2007, Television, Guest, SESAME STREET GERMANY, NDR

2019, Feature Film, Beethoven, ALICE, THROUGH THE LOOKING, 12th Battalion Productions, Adam Donen

2015, Feature Film, Udo's Assistant, THE MAN FROM UNCLE, Warner Brothers/Elementary Productions, Guy Ritchie

2010, Feature Film, Camera Crew (featured), THE GHOST WRITER, RP Films/France 2 Cinéma/Elfte Babelsberg Film, Roman Polanski

2019, Voice Over, Various Roles, MULTIPLE AUDIODRAMAS (4TH BLOCK), Maritim Hörspiele, Patrick Holtheuer

2018, Voice Over, Various Roles, MULTIPLE AUDIODRAMAS (3RD BLOCK), Maritim Hörspiele, Patrick Holtheuer

2018, Voice Over, Various Roles, MULTIPLE AUDIODRAMAS (2ND BLOCK), Maritim Hörspiele, Patrick Holtheuer

2017, Short Film, Karl, PAWNS, Tyrees Addison

2017, Voice Over, Various Roles, MULTIPLE AUDIODRAMAS, Maritim Hörspiele, Patrick Holtheuer

2005, Short Film, Alvin, BATON BOY, Stefan Anspichler