Joanna Holden


Joanna Holden

Joanna Holden

Joanna recently played Arial in THE TEMPEST for Creation Theatre.


Height: 5'0

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

Native: Yorkshire


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


For further information, view on spotlight


2020, Stage, Arial, The Tempest, Creation Theatre Company (zoom), Zoe Seaton

2020, Stage, Lady Deadlock, Krook,Miss Flight,Kenge etc, Bleak House, Creation Theatre Company, Debs Newbold

2019, Stage, Tinkerbell , Nana, Peter Pan, Hull Truck Theatre, Mark Babych

2019, Stage, Maggie, Rising up Peterloo, Home Manchester English folk festival, Debs Newbold

2018, Stage, Maria, Twelfth Night, The Lyceum Edinburgh & Bristol Old Vic, Wils Wilson

2018, Stage, Mona, Handfast, Nutshell Theatre Company, Kate Nelson

2018, Stage, Hylda Baker and other forgotten Northern women, Where There's Muck There's Bras, The Northern Exhibition and Tour with Kate Fox, Annie Rigby

2018, Stage, Katie, Katera, various., A Brave Face (full face mask theatre), Vamos Theatre Company, Rachael Savage

2017, Stage, Woman/Puppeteer, Wild Life, The Ding Foundation, Angela De Castro

2017, Stage, Little John/Witch/Tax Collector, The Arrow of Destiny, York Theatre Royal, Damian Cruden

2016, Stage, Boffin/Goblin/Others, The Snow Queen, The Bristol Old Vic, Lee Lyford

2016, Stage, Annie De Montford, There Will Be Fun, The British Library Rep, Chris Green

2016, Stage, various (ensemble piece), The Hound of the Baskervilles, York Theatre Royal, Damian Cruden

2015, Stage, Parrot/Jackson, The Ghost Train, Manchester Royal Exchange/Told by an Idiot, Paul Hunter

2015, Stage, Suzy, The Powercut Compendium, Cartoon de Salvo, Neil Hague

2014, Stage, Meryl, Wishbone, Queens Hall Hexham/Live Theatre Newcastle, Rosie Kellagher

2013, Stage, Deep Woods, Dark Snow. A Grimm Tale for Christmas, Northern Stage, Lorne Campbell

2013, Stage, Audrey, Blue Remembered Hills, Northern Stage, Psyche Stott

2013, Stage, Margaret Fuller, Nurse, Alice in Bed, Tender Buttons, Tess Denman Cleaver

2012, Stage, William Shakespeare , Hermia, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Told By an Idiot/ Svenska Theatre Finland, Paul Hunter, John Wright

2012, Stage, Pawn, Queen , Little Red Riding Hood, Woobly, The Boy who Fell into aBook, Soho Theatre, Steve Marmion

2011, Stage, The Firework-Maker's Daughter, Theatre by the Lake, Stefan Escreet

2011, Stage, Pippop, Mongrel Island, Soho Theatre, Steve Marmion

2011, Stage, Mother and Ensemble, Realism, Soho Theatre, Steve Marmion

2011, Stage, Bonnie, Crazy Hair, Bamboozle Theatre Company, Christopher Davis

2010, Stage, Gretel, Hansel And Gretel, Kneehigh Theatre Company/RFH/BOV, Mike Shepherd

2010, Stage, Volunteer, The Thirteen Midnight Challenges of Angelus Diabolo, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Lu Kemp

2009, Stage, Fireworker, Crackers, The World Famous, Pippa Bailey

2009, Stage, Whisper, The Lost Voice, The Royal Festival Hall, Michael Vale

2009, Stage, Eusapia, Queen Bee, North East Theatre Consortium, Wils Wilson

2009, Stage, Daphne/Various, Night London, Fluxx, Chris Johnson

2008, Stage, Columbina, The Venetian Twins, The Bolton Octagon, Paul Hunter

2004, Stage, Clown, Varekai 2004 to 2008, Cirque du Soleil, Domonic Champagne Cal McCrystal

2004, Stage, The Caretaker, The New Tenant, Northern Stage and Theatre Cluge, Gabor Tompa

2003, Stage, Mrs Grotius, Meat, The Underbelly, Kate Nelson

2003, Stage, Snowbell, Stuart Little, Polka Theatre, Annie Wood

2003, Stage, Three Inch, The Chainganggang, Cartoon De Salvo, Alex Murdoch

2002, Stage, Meeting Myself Coming Back, Soho Theatre, John Wright

2002, Stage, Various Roles, Shut Up I'm Your Mother, Stratford Circus, Catriona Craig

2002, Stage, Tall Tale Teller, Tall Tales, Royal Festival Hall, Joanna Holden

2002, Stage, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Newcastle Playhouse, Adel Alsaloum

2001, Stage, Madge Milburn, A Ballroom Of Romance, Northern Stage, Alan Lyddyard

2001, Stage, Fortune Teller/Madam, Edmond, Northern Stage, Alan Lyddiard

2001, Stage, Cat/Cricket/Ensemble, Pinocchio, Northern Stage, Alan Lyddiard

2001, Stage, Woman one, Play, Northern Stage, Richard Gregory

2001, Stage, Florentine, The Oklahoma Outlaw, Theatre Sans Frontier, John Cobb

2000, Stage, Various Roles, Comedy Rep Season, Soho Theatre, Angelo Abela

2000, Stage, Anna/Beth, Without Trace, VTOL Dance Company, Mark Murphy

1999, Stage, Juliet, Romeo & Juliet, Northern Stage, Alan Lyddiard

1998, Stage, Mam/Minister, A Clockwork Orange, Northern Stage, Alan Lyddiard

1998, Stage, Charlotte Cheese, The Little Violin, The Tricycle Theatre, Erica Wyman

1997, Stage, Squealer, Animal Farm, Northern Stage Company, Alan Liddiard

1997, Stage, Pa Ubu, The Ubu Plays, Gate Theatre, John Wright

1996, Stage, Angela, Abigail's Party, Perth Repertory Theatre, Dominic Hill

1995, Stage, Rosalee Wells - 2 Yrs, The Children's Hour, Royal National Theatre, Howard Davies

1995, Stage, Smeraldina, The Servant Of Two Masters, Sheffield Crucible Theatre, Roxanna Silbert

1994, Stage, Gwen, The Kitchen, English Stage Company, Stephen Daldry

1993, Stage, Pogo, Pond Life, Bush Theatre, Simon Usher

1996, Television, Chairwoman of Vegetarian Society, Byker Grove, BBC Zenith North, Steve Macateer

2012, Feature Film, Olga, An Interview with a Hitman, Perry Bhandal
2011, Feature Film, Helena, Interview With A Hitman, Kaleidescope Films, Perry Bhandal 2011, Film, Mrs Waters, Trylife, Kestrel Films, Hesky Tucker
2010, Film, Farmer, The Enormous Pumpkin, Lambent Productions for BBC, Emma Franks 1996, Film, Beggar, Seeds, Timedial Films, Grant Holburn

2000, Radio, Claire, Trapped, BBC Radio 4, Alex Walter Taylor

1998, Radio, Carol, Six Geese are Laying, BBC radio 4, Alex Walter Taylor

2019, Street Theatre, Pram lady, Chingford May Day, And Now, Flick Ferdinando

2019, Street Theatre, Shreedaybee, Mela festival Nottingham, Mashi theatre, Trina halder

2017, Street Theatre, Clown, Clowns Without Borders

2017, Street Theatre, Lost Property Officer, Lost and Found, Hull City of Culture, Paschale Straiton

2013, Site Specific, Margaret Fuller, Nurse, Alice in Bed, Tender Buttons, Tess Denman Cleaver

2013, Cabaret, William Shakespeare, Thaalia Theatre Award Ceremony compere, Thaalia Gala, Christian Lindroos

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Woman 2, Plateau, Soho Theatre, Ed Harris

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Mum, Princesslessness, Soho Theatre, Dan Herd

2012, Street Theatre, Witch 3 Macbeth, Birthday Blaze, Theatre Royal Newcastle., Flick Ferdinand

2010, Site Specific, A Young Wolf, Wolf, Authentic Artist Collective, Kath Burlinson

2010, Street Theatre, Bearded Lady, A Sideshow of Curiosities, Hocus Pocus Theatre, Lucy Enskat

2010, Street Theatre, Ensemble, Wolf, Authentic Artists, Kath Burlinson

2010, Rehearsed Reading, Various, The Dark Philosophers, The National Theatre of Wales, Paul Hunter

2009, Street Theatre, Natalia, Blast, The World Famous/Peeplykus, Jon Nicholson

2009, Street Theatre, Safety Performer, Crackers, The World Famous, Pippa Bailey

2008, Rehearsed Reading, Mohammed Al Fayed, Untitled, Ridiculismus, David Wood

2008, Street Theatre, Penguin, Meltdown, The World famous/Cartoon De Salvo, Alex Murdoch