Anthony Brophy


Anthony Brophy

Anthony Brophy
Currently appearing in Series 3 of THE CROWN



Height: 5'10

Hair: Salt & Pepper

Eyes: Blue

Native: Irish


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: Dublin


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2018, Stage, Ray, Blackbird, Theatre Royal, Waterford., Ben Barnes

2017, Stage, Nikolai Levin, Anna Karenina, Abbey Theatre, Wayne Jordan

2014, Stage, Unknown man, Defender of the Faith, Decadent Theatre Co., Andrew Flynn

2011, Stage, Agamemnon, Off Plan, RAW/Project Arts Centre, Rachel West

2010, Stage, Mad Padraic, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Decadent Theatre Co., Andrew Flynn

2009, Stage, Walter, Character, Decadent Theatre Co., Andrew Flynn

2006, Stage, Major, How many miles to Babylon?, Second Age, David Parnell

2004, Stage, Millen, Observe the Sons of Ulster marching towards the Somme, Abbey Theatre, Robin leFevre

2003, Stage, The Young Covey, The Plough and the Stars, Abbey Theatre/Barbican Centre, Ben Barnes

2002, Stage, Macduff, Macbeth, Second Age/Ouroborus, Michael Barker-Caven

2001, Stage, Charlo, The woman who walked into doors., Upbeat Productions, Joe O'Byrne

2001, Stage, Hugh, Made in China, Peacock Theatre, Gerard Stembridge

2000, Stage, Petesy, Shoot the crow, Druid Theatre Co., David Parnell

1998, Stage, Ray, Twenty Grand, Peacock Theatre, Conall Morrison

1997, Stage, Eddie, The Blue macushla, Druid Theatre Co., John Crowley

2001, Stage, Don Pedrito, Barbaric Comedies, Abbey Theatre, Calixto Bieto

1997, Stage, Coleman, The Lonesome West, Druid/ The Royal Court, Garry Hynes

1996, Stage, Oisin, Diarmuid and Grainne, Passion Machine, Paul Mercier

1995, Stage, Carraigmor, The Illusion, Charabanc Theatre Co., Peter Sheridan

1993, Stage, Robbo, Studs, Passion Machine, Paul Mercier

1993, Stage, Bernie Litko, Sexual perversity in Chicago, AM Productions, David Parnell

1994, Stage, Jimmy Porter, Look back in Anger, Players Theatre, Philip Boucher Hayes

1987, Stage, Anto, Young Europeans, National Youth Theatre, Gerard Stembridge

1988, Stage, Giles Corey, The Crucible, National Youth Theatre, Ben Barnes

1986, Stage, Lenny, 1992, Dublin Youth Theatre, Gerard Stembridge

1986, Stage, Grandma, The American Dream, Dublin Youth Theatre, Michael Foley

1985, Stage, George, Charades, Dublin Youth Theatre, Eilis Mullen

2020, Television, Ed Grayling, Penance, Channel 5, Maurice Sweeney

2020, Television, James Angleton, The Crown (Series 3), Netflix, Various Directors

2019, Television, King Svase, Vikings (Series 5), History Channel, Various Directors

2017, Television, Ross, Coronation Street, ITV, Ian Robertson

2017, Television, (2015-2017), Liam Reid, Red Rock, Element & TV3, Various Directors

2014, Television, Alphonse Frankenstien, Penny Dreadful, Showtime, Dearbhla Walsh

2013, Television, Hal, C.S.I., CBS, Frank Waldeck

2013, Television, Mickey, Prime Suspect, NBC, Gwyneth Horder-Peyton

2010, Television, Chapuys, The Tudors, Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4, Showtime, Various Directors

2009, Television, Simon, The Clinic, Parallel Films/RTE, Declan Recks

2009, Television, Skunk, Pure Mule, Samson Films, Charlie McGrath

2009, Television, Lord Lauderdale, Benedeict Arnold, A&E Network, Mikael Solomon

2016, Feature Film, Sergeant Steggles, Professor and the Madman, Icon Productions, Farhad Safina

2014, Feature Film, Jeremy, The Cherry Tree, Fantastic Films, David Keating

2011, Feature Film, Jonathan, Fifty Dead men walking, Brightlight Pictures, Kari Skogland

2009, Feature Film, Brendan Bracken, The Gathering Storm, HBO, Richard Loncraine

2006, Feature Film, Michael, Mapmaker, Bandit Films, Johnny Gogan

2005, Feature Film, Gingy, The Informant, Showtime, Jim McBride

2005, Film, Rolf, Snow White in the Black Forest, Interscope, Michael Cohen

2003, Feature Film, Tommy, The Devils own, Paramount Pictures, Alan Pakula

2002, Feature Film, Bik, Some Mothers Son, Septon Productions, Terry George

2001, Feature Film, D.I. Dunphy, Ordinary decent criminal, Little Bird, Tahddeus O'Sullivan

1999, Feature Film, Prunty, The Run of the country, Castle Rock, Peter Yates

1998, Feature Film, The Bard, The Last bus home, Bandit Films, Johnny Gogan

1996, Feature Film, Danny, In the Name of the Father, Universal Films, Jim Sheridan

1995, Feature Film, Liam, The Bargain Shop, Bandit Films, Johnny Gogan

2001, Feature Film, Mickey, Nothing Personal, Little Bird, Thaddeus O'Sullivan

Feature Film, Sergeant at Arms, The Professor and the Madman, Icon Productions, Farhad Safina

2007, Radio, Hugh, INFIDEL, Crazy Dog Audio, Roger Gregg

2006, Radio, Gerry, GERRY IN THE DARK PASSAGE, Crazy Dog audio, Roger Gregg

1997, Radio, Donal, RIVER RUN, RTE, Daniel Reardon

2012, Short Film, Hughie, THE SHORE (BEST SHORT OSCAR WINNER), All Ashore Productions, Terry George

2011, Short Film, James, DUST, 1I Productions, Brendan Bourke

2010, Short Film, Frankie's Da, FRANKIE, Calipo Picture Co., Darren Thornton

2012, PC Gaming, Preacher man/ New York Shcolar, BIOSHOCK INFINITE, Irrational GAMES, iI.G