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About Us

In 1986 after a successful career as an actor, writer and director, Richard Ireson stepped out of the limelight with fellow actor Tim Brown to found a new talent agency, The Narrow Road Company.  
Starting out from a small office in Soho with only a handful of clients, the company quickly established an impressive reputation.

Before long Richard was joined by daughter Amy in 1996 and son James in 2001 making Narrow Road very much a family affair. In 2004 Elizabeth Stocking joined the team, following a successful career with Granada Television and running her own agency, cementing our position in the north with the Manchester office. In 2011 Adam Mendlesohn and Chloe Oxbury joined us and now run a succesful list together.  Dan, a graduate of Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2002 performed for several years before joining the team. We are ably supported by Helena, Ellie and Alex.

Since it's inception Narrow Road continues to build careers and champion talent across all areas of the industry in the UK and internationally. Representing a diverse range of established artistes and creatives, as well as the most exciting up and coming talent, we promote each unique talent with a personal approach in career management.

We are proud and active members of the Personal Managers Association (PMA) and Equity.

Our Team

For representation enquires please send emails to [email protected] and that will be sent round to all the Narrow Road agents.

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